Clive Quigley
Peter Davison

Clive Quigley is the gentle proprietor of MC Office Supplies. He loves his wife, though he's beginning to feel that she's becoming a bit distant. He's been sleeping in the spare room for a while now, since Melissa's health seems to preclude getting any closer.

Clive works hard, balancing the responsibilities of his business against the demands of his mother, who phones him constantly on his cellular phone.

At first, Clive doesn't know what to make of the aggressive, irritable Sonia. He's drawn along in her schemes to break up Melissa and Dave, but not really sure he wants to be involved in playing dirty tricks on his wife, even if she is cheating on him. But over the course of their association, Clive comes to admire Sonia for her quick wit and tenaciousness, not to mention, her legs.