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In 1994, Peter Davison had his first role in a feature film, Warner Brothers' "Black Beauty." He was Squire Gordon, the horse's owner in the film's second segment.

Black Beauty is available on home video.
Davison and fellow Doctor Who-alumna Nicola Bryant appeared in "Parting Shots," a Michael Winner film, which also featured John Cleese, Bob Hoskins, Diana Rigg, Joanna Lumley, Ben Kingsley and Oliver Reed. Davison played the friend of Chris Rea, who is settling old scores because he thinks he's dying. The film opened May 14, 1999 in London, and closed June 3. It was shown at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, according to Vine International Pictures. No word on a North American release.

For a review of "Parting Shots" click here. Unfortunately, or fortunately considering the tone of the review, Davison gets no mention.

Parting Shots is now available for order on video, at Blackstar. NOTE: This is a PAL format video, and will have to be converted to NTSC for viewing in North America. The release date was January 17, 2000.
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