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Why isn't there an image gallery attatched to this page? Most fan pages seem to have that, don't they? Yes, I have a lot of pictures of Peter Davison. However, posessing a photograph isn't the same as owning the rights to publish it. The images here are all used with an eye to respecting copyrights. They fall into three categories:

  1. Photos I have taken myself, with Mr. Davison's permission.
  2. Screen grabs from the programs he has appeared in, used under the "fair use" section of the copyright law. "Fair use" allows the use of small excerpts of a creative work for the purpose of promotion, comment or review.
  3. My own artwork.
In short, while Net culture tends to turn a blind eye to the theft of images and other intellectual property, I would ask that if you take an image from this site, that, ideally, you ask my permission first, and/or credit it to this site if you use it. Thank you.

This page is © Elsa Frohman 2001

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