Henry Babbacombe waits to meet his destiny. 

Cuts is the story of Henry Babbacombe's (Peter Davison) initiation to television production. Henry is a lecturer in the English department of a small university. He has also written three barely noticed novels "Dithyrambic Pentameters," "The Shed," and "Return to the Shed." Henry doesn't own a television set, and knows little about the medium. 

El Dorado Television, led by Lord Mallow (Timothy West), is desparate for a blockbuster series. Something literate, epic, luminous and ... cheap. Through the offices of one of the El Dorado producer's lust for Henry's agent, Henry is contracted to write a 13-hour series called "Sweaters." 

For Henry, it's a trip down Alice's rabbit hole, as he finds rewrites being done before he starts writing, and finds that the setting of his epic is to be determined not by the story, but by co-production deals. 

"Cuts" was aired on ITV in Britain on Dec. 31, 1996. 
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