Anna of the Five Towns

Anna of Five Towns is the story of Anna Tellwright, who escapes the domination of her tight-fisted, dictatorial father to become her own woman. The part was played by Linsey Beauchamp.

Peter Davison played Henry Mynors, a self-made businessman who becomes Anna's romantic interest.
Kate Webster, today
Katie Carey
as Agnes, 1984

Anna's younger sister, Agnes, was played by Katie Carey, who grew up to become Kate Webster. Kate was kind enough to share some of her experiences working on the show with us.

The following are Kate Webster's responses to our questions.

Q. Where was "Anna of the Five Towns" filmed?

A. BBC Pebble Mill Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Worcester, The Black Museum - Dudley, Isle of Man

Q.Can you think of any anecdotes about the filming?

A. I particularly remember having a lot a fun with the accent, sometimes we would all break down with laughter getting tongue tied.

Q. How were you chosen for your part?

A. I was actually first seen in a school (normal secondary comprehensive) musical production called 'The Little Matchgirl' in which I played the aforementioned at the age of 14. The BBC were filming a Play for Today in Coventry using a few kids from my school. The Producer at the time actually gave my school the script for the show. They were trying to sell the idea as a film. (They subsequently sold it using a pilot that they made of myself as The Little Matchgirl and it starred Twiggy & Roger Daltry during my filming of Anna, I was probably too old by the time it all came about.) A year later the producer remembered me and invited me amongst hundreds of other midlands children to audition for the part of Agnes Tellwright. I was invited to a second audition and will never forget the Telegram that I received on Christmas Eve of 1983 saying that I had been offered the part.

Q. What were the special demands of filming?

A. Long hours, lots of outdoor filming in the cold, being away from my family, trying to keep up with my school work.

Q. How did the cast get along?

A. And how did the cast get along with the director and crew? We were definately one big happy family. I remember being completely heartbroken when I did my last scene because they were definately like a family to me and I will always remember my days on Anna. The director was a particularly wonderful man again Martyn Friend who helped me a lot after the show, so did the Producer Colin Rogers.

Q. Did any thing special happen during the filming that you remember in particular?

A. Lots of special things happened throughout my 6 months working on the show. I couldn't recall which was the best during filming, but I particularly remember that Peter Davison's last episode of DR WHO was screened during the time that we were on location and he sat and watched it with us. It was so strange to sit alongside him, he seemed so modest about it all.

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